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Works on indoor electric installation of any complexity

One of the activities of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is construction of industrial and non-industrial power-supply facilities. As part thereof, the works on indoor electric installation of any complexity are carried out.
We can work with the existing project introduced by the customer, or start from scratch and prepare a turn-key solution for indoor electric installation and lighting – from design to construction.

A team of experienced, skilled professionals; an in-house park of construction machinery and vehicles transporting building constructions and other cargo; guaranteed flexible approach and custom solutions for every task, including deadlines and payment – all this contributes to a positive customer's experience.

Electric installation works are regulated by the Building code, the National Electrical Code and other technical guidance documents.

Before starting work, it is necessary to carry out a survey of the object, set goals and objectives. After the data is collected, a project for indoor electric installation and lighting is designed. It includes layout diagrams for networks, panels, switches and sockets; bills of quantities; specifications for the materials and products. A smart and coordinated project is a prerequisite for rapid and high-quality performance of work and a safe, long-term operation.

The works on indoor electric installation and lighting include the following:
- marking of power supply points and wiring conduits
- wall chasing, preparation of walls, drilling of holes, etc.
- laying of wires, fastening
- installation of wiring devices (switches, sockets, lights, etc.)
- commissioning and measurements.

It should be noted that all the electric installations must be performed by a qualified electrical technician, who regularly undergoes a safety knowledge assessment with the assignment of the appropriate electrical safety group.

+7-4012-577-707 or +7-4012-722-077
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