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Video surveillance and security alarm systems

One of the activities of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is carrying out projects on the installation of video surveillance and security alarm systems for territories, buildings, constructions, and private land plots.
We can work with the existing project introduced by the customer, or start from scratch and prepare a turn-key solution – from design to construction.

A team of experienced, skilled professionals; an in-house park of construction machinery and vehicles transporting building constructions and other cargo; guaranteed flexible approach and custom solutions for every task, including deadlines and payment – all this contributes to a positive customer's experience.

Today, manufacturers offer two main types of video security systems: ingle-unit systems or classical multi-functional systems with external connections and a GSM data transmission module. Their difference from the standard alarm with a GSM module is that video cameras can be connected to the alarm control panel; they also boast improved software with bigger functionality for alarm settings and two-way communication.

The GSM-based home security video alarm system may include the following:
- alarm control panel (it monitors the sensors' state and the activity of the system and activates a preset notification algorithm in response to a triggering detector);
- power unit with a rechargeable battery (it ensures the operability of the entire system in the event of a deliberate disconnection of the facility from the power supply. As of today, there is no regulation for the operating time of such hybrid security and video surveillance systems. However, it is most advisable that the power unit with a rechargeable battery ensures the full functioning of all devices (including the video surveillance camera) for the time it will take for the owner of the building or the police to arrive at the facility. It is also advisable to have an additional battery charge monitoring function).
- GSM module (can be integrated into the alarm control panel housing or connected as a separate device. Modern GSM modules support a wide range of frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It is best if the device has two SIM card connections and automatically switches to an idle line);
- control and activation device (there are many options, any of which can be chosen: a toggle switch, a touch or button keyboard, a plastic card reader, a key fob radio signal receiver. The system can also be activated with a GSM module via SMS messages).
alert devices (depending on the cost and functionality of the system, these can be ordinary burglar sirens or sound speakers transmitting warning signals, pre-recorded information messages, or used for interactive communication).
- detectors and additional equipment (burglar alarms with a video surveillance camera can be equipped with a full range of security detectors: motion sensors, magnetic contact, sound and acoustic detectors, etc. The devices can be wired (connected to control loops) or wireless, operating within systems. Many alarm models have interfaces for connecting external GSM sensors (temperature, leakage, gas content), as well as a relay controlling various electrical devices. Such devices are rather costly and could be described as smart-home control systems of the starting level rather than a burglar alarm with a video surveillance camera.
- video camera for security alarm (a video surveillance camera is a digital IP device that performs a full cycle of video data processing. It is most advisable to select a model with an integrated memory card slot to record short videos).

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