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Outdoor Lighting

One of the activities of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is construction of industrial and non-industrial power-supply facilities. As part thereof, the works on outdoor lighting of territories, buildings and private residence plots are carried out.
We can work with the existing project introduced by the customer, or start from scratch and prepare a turn-key lighting solution – from design to construction.

A team of experienced, skilled professionals; an in-house park of construction machinery and vehicles transporting building constructions and other cargo; guaranteed flexible approach and custom solutions for every task, including deadlines and payment – all this contributes to a positive customer's experience.

Outdoor lighting is a set of outdoor lighting installations and transmission lines, as well as centralized and distributed control devices for outdoor lighting.

The main goals of outdoor lighting installation are to achieve performance and meet the safety requirements for traffic and people in localities. However, the aesthetic aspect is also significant.

Today, various methods are used to control outdoor lighting systems. Their configuration, functionality and cost are selected based on the complexity of the task of illuminating an object or a territory. It could be manual control cabinets; a light relay (a device that supplies or stops the supply of electricity to lighting devices, which is triggered when a certain level of illumination is reached); motion sensors (usually used in security systems installed around the perimeter of various objects, where the sensors work as microwave or infrared indication, changing the signals of which leads to the siren being triggered and the searchlights turning on); timers (the devices that allow you to adjust the range of turning the lighting on/off).

Concrete, wooden, metal and plastic supports are used to achieve more sophisticated lighting. They are equipped with LED, fluorescent, induction or halogen lamps. It is reasonable to install adjusting devices that change the level of illumination depending on the necessity and the time of day.

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