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General construction works

One of the activities of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is industrial and non-industrial construction and installation works with the delivery of building constructions and materials.

ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is a member of the Non-Profit Partnership Association, Self-regulatory organization "Construction Union of the Kaliningrad region". That gives our company the right to carry out construction, reconstruction, overhaul and demolition of construction projects with the financial responsibility of up to 500 million rubles.

Our competitive advantages include:
  • a team of experienced, skilled professionals;
  • an in-house park of construction machinery and vehicles transporting building constructions and other cargo;
  • guaranteed flexible approach and custom solutions for every task, including deadlines and payment.

    ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is a company devoted to the construction of power supply facilities and their infrastructure. Our biggest general construction achievements include the construction of buildings and electrical substations, namely:
  • area planning and earthworks;
  • construction of different types of foundations;
  • construction of brick, prefab and other types of indoor switchgear and substation control houses;
  • metal structure and equipment installation;
  • installation of wire mesh and reinforced concrete fencing;
  • landscaping (access-ways, sidewalks, planting).

    We have been engaged in construction for more than 10 years, including the construction with subcontractor organizations (acting as general contractors). We have accumulated extensive working experience in many regions of Russia, including the Kaliningrad, Moscow, Leningrad, and Tver regions. The major customers of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC are PAO Rosseti (including Yantarenergo, MOESK, Lenenergo etc.), Ministry of Defense, and Oboronenergo JSC.
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