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Electric grid connection

ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC carries out design and electric installation works for private households, horticultural co-operatives and other facilities of individuals and legal entities. We also carry out orders from electric grid companies.

Our specialists will carry out the connection of your facilities to the electric grid, follow the specifications of the grid company, lay the electric grid on the customer's plot if necessary, and perform the indoor electric installation works:
- we work under contractual agreements regardless of whether the customer is an individual or a legal entity, which ensures legal protection of the customer's rights;
- we take into consideration individual needs and capabilities of customers for preparing power supply solutions and agreeing on the cost and terms of payment for the work performed;
- we guarantee high quality of works in accordance with applicable standards and specifications.

Technological connection is a set of technical measures and legal procedures providing the actual connection of the applicant's facilities (power receivers, power plants, electric grid facilities) to the electric grid facilities of the grid company, to which such application was submitted. Any legal entity or an individual has the right to carry out the technological connection of their power receivers/power plants to the electric grid provided they have appropriate engineering capabilities and comply with the established rules of such connection.

The procedure for the technological connection (hereinafter – TC) is regulated by the Rules for the Technological Connection of Power Receivers/Power Plants of Legal Entities and Individuals to Electric Grids approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 861.
Connection stages The applicant The grid company
Submitting the application Submitting the application for the TC with the necessary documents attached Acceptance of the application
Conclusion of the agreement Signing of the draft agreement for the TC and power supply of the applicant's facility Preparation and signing of the draft agreement for the TC and power supply of the applicant's facility
Performance of the agreement - payment for services under the TC agreement
- preparation of project documents for the power supply at the applicant's site
- submission of project documents to the grid company
- implementation of measures in accordance with the specifications by the applicant
- signing of the TC documents and the additional agreement to the power supply agreement
- submission of a notice on the object's preparedness for the connection to the electric grid.
- inspection of the project
- approval of the routing act
- preparation of operating documents (terms of reference)
- inclusion of the facility into the investment program
- competitive selection of a contractor to perform the works
- carrying out survey, design, installation and construction works
- facility commissioning by the grid company
- sending to the applicant a notification about the preparedness for the connection of the outdoor electric grids to the applicant's facility
- verification of the specification fulfillment by the applicant
- issuing of the TC documents and the additional agreement to the power supply agreement
- power supply to the facility
Actual connection at the applicant's site outside the applicant's site but not further than 25 meters away
We are ready to carry out all the above stages on the part of the grid company and on the part of the applicant.

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