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Construction of overhead lines

One of the activities of ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is construction of industrial and non-industrial power-supply facilities and installation works with the delivery of building equipment, constructions and materials.
Our competitive advantages include:
- a team of experienced, skilled professionals;
- an in-house park of construction machinery and vehicles transporting building constructions and other cargo;
- guaranteed flexible approach and custom solutions for every task, including deadlines and payment.

Today, overhead transmission lines are the preferable and most economically viable way of transmitting electricity. An overhead power line is defined in the regulatory documents as a structure transmitting electrical energy through suspended wires attached to supports or brackets and racks on engineering structures (bridges, overpasses, etc.) with insulators and fittings.

Overhead line routing, types of supports, wire brands and the main parameters of the line construction are determined in the project documents.
The order of overhead line construction is the following:
- Preparation: object study; development of operational documents and a working plan, if necessary; supply of the materials; preparation of the routing (clearing of the passage, construction of service roads and passages, dismantling of the utility lines and engineering structures, site assembly for supports, arrangement of construction camps, etc.)
- Delivery of the materials to the on-site storage and the erecting yard.
- Installation of foundations; assembly and installation of supports. The support can be embedded in the ground directly or on various foundations. The most popular type is a prefabricated reinforced concrete buried foundation.
- Earthing of the supports and line equipment.
- Wire and overhead ground wire suspension. Suspension of a fiber-optic communication line if provided for by the project documents.
- Installation of the line equipment (disconnectors, reclosers, etc.), if necessary.
- Measurement of groundings and line equipment.
- The site is cleaned and the waste is disposed of in specially designated landfills.
- Reclamation of overhead line routing if provided for by the project documents.

High performance of overhead lines is achieved through the quality of the project, used constructions and materials, as well as high quality of installation and construction works.
Quality control stages:
- Incoming control: determination of the conformity of project documents of the building structures, products and materials arriving at the construction site.
- Operational control: carried out directly at the construction site by the superintendents and foremen during or after the completion of the production operation.
- Acceptance control: carried out by the line managers of the construction and installation organization together with employees of the line service, includes technical supervision and field supervision of the design organization. The results of the acceptance control are recorded in work logs, acts of concealed works, acts of inspection on intermediate acceptance of the main critical structures, etc.
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