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Construction of electric power facilities

ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC was established in the Kaliningrad region, Russia, in 2008. We have over 10 years of experience in construction management, including the construction with subcontractor organizations (acting as general contractors). The company’s activities are:
  • construction, reconstruction, overhaul and operation of overhead power lines and transformer substations (up to 330 kV), as well as cable lines (up to 110 kV) and communication lines (fiber optic transmission system, optical ground wire);
  • installation of renewable energy facilities;
  • connection of objects to power supply for natural and legal persons;
  • electrical installation at Customers’ facilities (external and internal power networks);
  • pre-commissioning and testing;
  • electric power facility project design;
  • leasing of special-purposed equipment and mechanisms.

ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad region. We are also members of the following self-regulatory organizations:
  • ENERGOPROJECT – an association of members of organizations engaged in power facility project design. That gives ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC the right to carry out project work with the financial responsibility of a self-regulatory organization of up to 25 million rubles.
Non-Profit Partnership Association, Self-regulatory organization "Construction Union of the Kaliningrad region". That gives our company the right to carry out construction, reconstruction, overhaul and demolition of construction projects with the financial responsibility of up to 500 million rubles.

Our qualified staff have working experience in operating organizations, such as Yantarenergo, large construction organizations, such as Zapadelektrosetstroy, Sevzapelektrosetstroy, etc. Our employees participated in the construction of the Kaliningrad CHPP-2, thermal power station, overhead lines (110-330 kV) and more.

ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC has its own production and repair base, special-purpose vehicles and construction machinery, various tools, as well as modular buildings for accommodation, catering and everyday life or construction workers.
Our special-purpose equipment includes rubber-tired and continuous track machinery and mechanisms; TESMEC puller-tensioners for tension installation of wire, cable, OPGW and field cable lines; mobile cranes, lifting manipulators, drilling rigs, AWPs, bulldozers, excavators, vehicles for worker transportations, etc. All the machinery is cross country and has different carrying capacity.

Our labor, material and technical resources allow us to successfully carry out:
  • electrical work both for individual households and grid companies (as well as other large industrial enterprises);
  • construction of communication facilities;
  • leasing of special-purposed equipment.

Throughout our years of service, we have accumulated extensive working experience in our home – the Kaliningrad region, as well as in the Moscow, Leningrad, Tver and other regions of Russia. Our core customers are PAO Rosseti (Yantarenergo, Moscow united electric grid company, Lenenergo, etc.), the Ministry of Defense and Oboronenergo. What is more, we are taking active steps to enter the European market: we participate in various international events, establishing promising business contacts (agreements have been signed with Polish partners).

At ENERGOPROMSTROY LLC, we have all the resources needed for successful operation:
  • skilled professionals;
  • specialized equipment;
  • vast working experience.

We focus our energy on the provision of efficient power supply for the energy sector, as well as for the enterprises of other sectors via construction, reconstruction and upgrading of power facilities. We always offer modern, reasonable and effective solutions. We use advanced technologies and solutions for various construction tasks to guarantee that our job is done impeccably and within the established terms.

We strive to establish long-term contractual relationship with you.

Hoping to work with You!
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2D, Guryevskaya str., Maloye Isakovo village, Kaliningrad